The Open Program Social Development of the Family Allotment Gardens - 28.04.2016

For the Polish Allotment Federation (the PZD)  the development of the family allotment gardens (RODs) is a priority. For this purpose the PZD incessantly invests in their infrastructures. The gardens have to be useful not only for allotment gardeners. They should be also the places of an integration and a rest for the local community. The allotment gardeners have organized many events and feasts for children and seniors for years, in which also locals residents take part. The National Council of the PZD has noticed strong need for development and opening RODs to the local community and developed and adopted the Open Program Social Development of the Family Allotment Gardens which gives directions in which the gardens should develop themselves for the local community.

In the Program The National Council of the PZD presents in the Program the open catalog of activities and events which can be organized by the management of the ROD and allotment gardeners. Among them are:

  • Jubilees of the ROD and Allotment Gardener Days in the ROD;
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  • Integrations events in the ROD for allotment gardeners, guests and residents;
  • Open Days of the ROD during which you can visit a garden and  take a closer look at cultivation of the plots in the ROD; 

  • Ecological education – cooperation with primary schools, kindergartens and youth organizations;

  • Plot transfer for schools and kindergartens – so pupils can learn cultivation of the plot in a practical way;

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  • The Green School that is biology lessons in the ROD;
  • Competitions, feasts and games for children;
  • Events for the mentally or physically  disabled;
  • Clubs of interest for the allotment gardeners in which they can develop their passions, e.g. artistic;

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  • Events for the allotment gardeners, mainly seniors and local residents from the neighborhood of the ROD;
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  • Seniors club in the Allotment Gardener’s House  which provide day care;
  • Culture meetings – e.g. art exhibition, poetry evenings, concerts;
  • Jordanowskie gardens – playgrounds, outdoor gyms,  places of recreation in the green for seniors;

  • A little forms of holidays in the ROD – it means summary holidays day care for seniors;

  • The RODs – open parks – the place for walking and relaxing for people who haven’t their own plot in the ROD.

The National Council of the PZD also presents in the Program the legal basis of these activities and gives detailed instructions for raising funds for this activities and events. Besides in the Program are roles and tasks for all departments of the PZD and the promotion plan. Attached to the Program is the list of useful contacts and examples of activities compliant with the Program.

The Open Program Social Development of the Family Allotment Gardens is in the such complex form, is a strong foundation for wider opening and adapting gardens for local community needs in better way. The family allotment gardens, which are green places, are permanently etched into the landscape of cities. They are places where youth generation grows up and the seniors spend their senility. Most of allotment gardens are center of local community integration.

The Open Program of the Social Development of  Family Allotment Gardens received a very warm reception among all, more than a million, polish allotment gardeners’ community. It is like a recipe for prosocial activities in the ROD. It lets active gardens to develop even more their activity in this field and it stimulates other the RODs, which haven’t been enough active in organization of events till this time. 

At present the Open Program Social Development of the Family Allotment Gardens is being implemented in the RODs. Spring - summer season is in fact the most intense time of its implementation. The effects will be announced in the subsequent articles..


The author and translator: Agnieszka Drążek

Media Department in the Polish Allotment Gardens Federation



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