Allotment like Versailles - 31.03.2016

We’d like to present a remarkable plot, elaborately decorated like a baroque parterre. This plot took a prominent place among the  winners of "My Plot 2015" contest, organised every year by “Działkowiec” monthly magazine.

The plot is used by Mr Jerzy Woźniak, has almost 300 square meters and is located in Konin in the family allotment garden “Z. Urbanowskiej”, which comprises  1335 plots.

The beginnings

The plot adventure began for Mr. Woźniak in 1981. His first job after the acquisition of the plot was the alignment of the alley, because it is, according to Mr  Jerzy a visiting card of the plot. Then there was the construction of the little house. The next step was the planning and planting 16 fruit trees and a large vegetable garden unit. But from the very beginning, the flowers were for Mr Woźniak in the first place, and planted them wherever he could. Over the time, the plot gained the character of recreational land. On the back of the house has been created space for a small, grassy field, where you can play basketball, boules and badminton.

Love of nature

On the plot there are deployed 11 nesting boxes for birds, five feeders and two summer and one winter cottage for hedgehogs. Mr Woźniak derives great fun communing with nature, observing animals.

The world of plants

Mr Jerzy favourite shrub is the boxwood – because it grows slowly and can be easily formed. On its own he produces a boxwood cuttings, and has already received more than 200 new plants. Mr. Jerzy prunes ornamental shrubs and trees 2–3 times a year. Each pruning takes him three days. Part of tulips and daffodils is planted in pots, and as soon as the petals fall and the leaves wither, he moves them to a secluded spots. In their place he set the pots of annuals flowers (eg. marigolds, begonias) and perennials (eg. hylotelephiums). Plants in pots may be repositioned at any time without damage to the root system.

Life hobby

Mr Wozniak from the very beginning has been by himself designing and carrying out any work on the plot. For 35 years, his plot passed comprehensive change already six times. The plot has become one of the most important parts of his life, where in the summer he spends most of his time. The greatest pleasure – he says – is to drink morning coffee on the terrace overlooking the flower beds...


A view on the front part of the plot

Main path surrounded by boxwood, hylotelephiums and yuccas, leads to a neat, brick house

Every detail of the plot is arranged with great solicitude

Contrasting colour surfaces (lawn, bark, white grits) organize space

The plot is dominated by plant sculptures, mainly boxwood, but also cypresses and spruces

Regular shapes, symmetry and rhythm give the impression of baroque ground floor garden

One of the cottages for hedgehogs

Photos from the past, showing how the plot evolved over 35 years

The author and translator: S. Milewski


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