Celebration of allotment democracy - 24.07.2015

On 2nd – 3rd July 2015 in Warsaw 4707 allotment gardens representatives participated in the XII National Congress of Delegates of the Polish Allotment Gardens Federation (PZD). Deliberations were held under the slogan "Together with the will of allotment gardeners" which emphasized the uniqueness of this Congress, which was the crowning achievement of exceptionally hard work of activists of the PZD in the past four years. The Congress opened a new chapter for all allotment gardeners, allotments and the PZD.

Prime Minister: gardeners allotments are my friends

The guest of the XII National Congress of Delegates was Prime Minister of Poland Ewa Kopacz. - I am here because I was invited by my friends - said in her speech the head of the government. She recalled all of her meetings with representatives the PZD during the proceeding in the Parliament of the first civic project - the Act about family allotment gardens, as well as the second project amending building regulations and laws related. Prime Minister emphasized the role of activists of the PZDs in defending the interests  allotment gardeners allotments, their steadfastness and determination, whose very experienced, and which - in her opinion - deserves respect and admiration.

Politicians on the Congress

Never before at the Congress has been as broad representation of politicians of almost all political groups. In numerous speeches, the politicians stressed that without a doubt this is not the end of the attacks that are carried out on the PZD and allotment gardens. Members of the Parliament asserted that - so far - will definitely be against any action that seeks to eliminate allotment gardens, the PZD and the depletion of allotment rights. Politicians encouraged the activists of the PZD to active defense of the PZD and allotment gardens and therefore just as they did so far. Marshal of  Mazowieckie Voivodeship Adam Struzik handed over the medal Pro Masovia to the President of the PZD Eugeniusz Kondracki, as thanks for the very good cooperation the PZD with local governments which contributes to the development of voivodeships and cities.

The XII National Congress of Delegates of the PZD passed the new statute

A large part of the Congress agenda was devoted to discussions on the provisions and amendments made to the Statute the PZD. It was pointed out that while work on a statute records examined hundreds of proposals received after numerous consultations with allotment gardeners and activists of the PZD. The present statute was highly praised by all delegates. The adoption of the statute is part of the implementation of the law about family allotment gardens. The Statute was adopted unanimously. During the vote on the statute it was not a single delegate that would suppress from voting or voted against the statute. This shows the full acceptance all allotment gardeners to the provisions proposed in the statute.

End of term PZD’s government

The National Council of PZD submitted a report on its activities in the 2012-2015 term, reflecting the implementation of the statutory scheme adopted by the IX National Congress and emergency operations arising from situation of allotment gardeners, allotment gardens and the PZD. Delegates unanimously stated that the National Council has complied with allotment gardeners entrusted by its task effectively directed the PZD.

Celebration of democracy - the new authorities of the PZD

An extremely solemn and important event was the PZD government democratic elections. Gathered at the Congress once again they appreciated the effort and work of the PZD President Eugeniusz Kondracki and elected him as President of the PZD for the next term. Allotment gardeners rightly appreciated his long-standing contribution to the development of allotment gardening and his unwavering, almost heroic struggle for respect and protect the rights of allotment gardeners, allotment gardens and sheds. Delegates also elected 45 members of the National Council, who chose from among themselves the Presidium. Also they elected 11 members of the National Audit Committee.

Discussions of Delegates

The Congress was an excellent opportunity to discuss important topics concerning both the previous term, and the future of the PZD. Delegates stressed that they are proud of the allotment gardens and past achievements PZD. Discussions have revealed the opinion of allotment gardeners on many issues and let to identify courses of action for the next four years. After discussion, they unanimously adopted the program of the PZD for next term. President of the PZD Eugeniusz Kondracki expressed the hope that the new term of PZD would be quieter and better than the previous. - Our task after the Congress will get acquainted with the achievements of the whole Congress and translating this into action - President Eugeniusz Kondracki said  and stressing that the allotment gardens have enormous potential, and what PZD does for allotment gardeners, ROD and society is very much needed.


The Congress was an extremely important event for all PZD structures. It showed the power of community of people connected to the idea of struggle for survival and development of allotment gardens in Poland. None of the delegates present in the hall had no doubt that it was needed, and extensive and long threaded discussions helped develop courses of action PZD and adopt good and expected by all the program for the next term. The Congress was well prepared organizationally and substantively. Delegates stressed the friendly atmosphere that accompanied the debates, while full of anticipation and optimism brought about the adoption of the statute, which raises hope for a smooth operation of all PZD structures, without an accompanying sense of vulnerability. Delegates adopted the position of the Congress on many important issues: the parliamentary elections, re-privatization, EU programs, compliance with the Act about the Family Allotment Gardens, the programme PZD, which was sent to the representatives of state and local authorities.


Media Department in the Polish Allotment Gardens Federation

Author: Agnieszka Hrynkiewicz

Translator: Agnieszka Drążek


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