Statutory meeting in allotment gardens in Poland - 10.02.2015

In Poland, until the end of 2013, every gardener was by law a member of the Polish Allotment Gardens Federation (PZD). In 2012 the Constitutional Court ruled that the freedom of association of citizens cannot be limited and stated that the new law, which was going to be enacted by parliament, must provide the ability to govern gardens by other associations than the PZD. Following the decision of the Constitutional Court, the new Act of allotment gardens, which was enacted by the Parliament on 13th December 2013, obligated the PZD to organize statutory meetings in every allotment garden, where the gardeners would decide, whether to remain in the structures of the PZD or give the management of theirs gardens to a new association, which had to be chosen at this meeting.

Each allotment garden board was responsible for organizing and conducting a meeting within 12 months from the date of coming into force of the Act of allotment gardens – from 19th January 2014 to 18th January 2015. They fulfilled their responsibilities in a fairly manner by conducting meetings in 4861 allotment gardens. In the majority of the allotment gardens, the gardeners decided to stay in the PZD. They were convinced by the Federation’s experience and effectiveness in the defense of the rights of the gardeners and allotment gardens, the advisement in investments projects, legal, financial and security assistance with the liquidation proceedings. It is also worth mentioning stable payments for the gardens and their safety as members of the PZD.

Gardeners decided that 243 of the allotment gardens (5%) will be managed by other associations, which they already established on the day of the meeting. If these associations are registered in the Court Register, they will automatically receive  from the PZD the rights to the land and property of the allotment gardens.

As a result of the statutory meetings 4 618 of allotment gardens remained in the PZD.

Conducting statutory meetings was very expensive for the Federation. The total costs amounted to 6,5 million Polish zlotys. Within this amount about 6 million constituted the cost of sending invitations for the meetings by registered mail or courier, as required by the Act of allotment gardens.

From its establishment in 1981, the PZD has never been a subject of such deep verification by its members. The results of the meetings showed without any doubt that the PZD passed that exam successfully.

The fact that 95% of the gardens have remained in the structures of the Federation confirms the enormous confidence of gardeners, who are aware of the role and importance of the national organization, which ensures the existence and proper functioning of allotment gardens in Poland.


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