For English - speaking allotment gardens holders - 25.06.2014

Polish allotment gardens federation is a prosperous organization. It associates one million allotmenteers, who exploit allotment gardens in five thousand Polish gardens. Allotmenteers from whole Europe are interested in problems, which affect Polish allotment gardens federation and allotmenteers. Recently, European allotmenteers supported new allotment gardens law, which ensures existence of Polish gardens. Despite all the struggle, our endavour ended up with a great success. In order to inform allotment gardens holders from whole Europe about out effective actions, we decided to start English part of our website. We will regularly publish texts depicting the most important events in Polish allotment gardens federation and allotment gardens. To begin with, we present articles showing the most important events, which were especially interesting for the Polish allotmenteers. We will regularly publish new English – language materials. We encourage to keep abreast of latest news from our gardens. 


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